Dark Crusaders

Where the Darkness may engulf you.

Player Rules

Here are the rules for Dark Crusader players:

- Player accounts will be removed after 60 days of inactivity.
- It is one account per ip. If need another pm in forum or page to discusss it with staff. Creating new accounts and/or new characters solely for farming start items is frowned upon and those accounts will be banned/removed.
- Respect other players and staff.
- Public scenes are not acceptable, we're here to have fun not create drama.
- Do not ask to be staff, we will bring it up if more are needed.
- Do not ask staff for items, skill or stat increases, gold, tokens, etc. Rewards will be given for events but not for reporting bugs, etc. so don't ask for 'favors'.
- Language filters are in place.
- Do not come here recruiting for another shard. We also don't want to hear of our players going to other shards recruiting their players. That is in bad taste and gives DC a bad name.

- Page staff in Help menu if you are having a problem, find bugs, etc. Asking in public chat may not get an answer, especially if we're working on other things.
- Staff are not allowed to give out custom spawn locations. If you ask in chat, another player may respond via pm or staff may give a hint at their discretion also in pm.
- If your sitting at a spawn location waiting for it to respawn, use some etiquette when someone else new shows up. If you show up at a spawn with someone waiting, talk with them in regards to helping them or you taking over the spot. Since the player base is not large, the issue of camping shouldn't be a problem. Don't make us put in rules against camping.
- Unattended pets or pets left out while player is afk will be shrunk and returned for a token fee depending on reason it was unattended. They can be found on wall in the Umbra Training Assistance area and you must page for it's return. Player afk is ok but if lag complaints start or if afk is used excessively, afk checks will be performed.
- There is a 60 second bless time after being rezzed. If involved in pvp/pk activities, be considerate if the newly rezzed player is still getting gear on and healed up.
- No cheating.
- Rules may change at any time, it is your responsibility to keep up with them.

If the rules are broken (this of course depends on severity of situation):

1st time: Recieve a warning.
2nd time: Ban/jail at discretion of staff member
3rd time: Perma ban