Dark Crusaders

Where the Darkness may engulf you.

Welcome to the Dark Crusaders website.

  • shard ip:   darkcrusaders.servegame.org
  • port:   2593
  • *** Hues File ***   (@120kb zip)

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This is a custom shard with PvP & PvM running on client, but does accept newer client logins. RP is at the players discretion. All skills are useable by a single character with the max skill cap at 135 with powerscrolls. Total stat cap is 350 with each one individually set with a 150 raw cap.

Players, after choosing to be a human or an elf, begin in a start area to choose which profession by walking through one of 7 one-way skill gates. All skills are 45 with each gate setting 10 skills 70-80. Stats are adjusted as well. Double click the gate to see what it gives. Gains are relatively fast for training the rest up. A set of starting armor is provided to assist in getting you started.

At this point we offer:

- a public training area for getting those skills started
- 'Shadows in the Dark' a complete custom crafting and mob system. Find the Malaugrym, minions that fit in with the rest, and gather a special crafting tool, crafting recipes, crafting ingredients and chances to go after the big bosses that have special rare drops.
- Donations being accepted to assist with server costs. See items on display you can get as a thank you at the Donation Display House in Malas via your Travel Book.

- 'KIDS ZONE' - A region just for those little ones that want to run around and keeps them safe from the rest of the DC world. Page staff to have a look around and to get any questions answered.
- pvp ruleset in Felucca only
- reds are allowed to travel in all locations
but only pvp/pk in Felucca
- young can travel in all locations and are safe from any kind of pvp attack
- 60 second blessed time on res to retrieve items and heal
- [unblessme command to return to mortal status on own
- [gethue command to check hues of targeted item

- 2 scrolls to turn in for skill point transfers
2 free 135 powerscroll deeds of your choice
- a free DC Bow, the choice PVM weapon, with included bless item deed 
- chat system by using '[c' or '[chat'
- group mobs and challenging solo mobs.

loot system for collecting gold, tokens and other items of your choice. Use '[loot' after setting it up and have a chance for special bottles as reward
- [mystats to display your characters stats

- plantable/harvestable seeds and new cooked item.
- skill foods that give short increase in specified skill
- archaeology tools and items to dig up

- guildtowns with members only training areas

- auction system, use [myauction or see auctioneer at vendor house
- guardian evo dragons and hiryus that have a chance of evo eggs
- guardian CuSidhe with chance of evo cu sidhe eggs, a pet that is ridable, self healing and heals it's owner, great add once trained up
- large cat
 Bastet with chance of evo protector deed, a poison immune pet that is self healing, resses owner, random mage or melee AI, and fully trained skills when it reaches it's max evo level
- guardian merc that has chance of evo gear in its loot
- custom craftables to include storage keys, powerscroll book, singing ball, a crafters beetle, mobile forge and anvil, etc.
- token system
modified Large Bods so they are actually completable
- casino

- 1 account per ip
- 3 houses per account
- 510,000 start gold between pack and bank
- mature friendly staff
- corpse summoners for self-res and retrieving corpses
- pet retrieval system using [getpet and craftable pet res stones
- 2 zoos, a museaum and addon area displaying customs and DC addon deco
- battle chess and player started bagball system
- monster bash arena
- PvP / pet fight arena in felucca

Yes we have custom uber items that may look like too much at first sight, but I guarantee that the custom mobs you'll find while out exploring are going to give you a run for your gold and will not be as easy as you think.

...so come check out where the darkness may engulf you.